We fuel primary entrepreneurship activities to foster innovation, competition, economic growth, and job creation.


Entrepreneurs are not all the same. However, they tend to be energetic, motivated, risk takers, and idea transformers with the added value on the economy as a whole. High levels of social skills can help entrepreneurs gain access to investors, customers, and other stakeholders.

At FLINTDIA, our entrepreneurship advisory service fuels primary entrepreneurship fostering innovation, competition, economic growth, and job creation.

At FLINTDIA, we focus on entrepreneurship activities such as per investor sources of investment funds, scope and size of investment, primary motive(s) for investment, investment criteria, reporting requirements, and exit issues. We mentor management teams, as investors tend to invest in confident management who have done it before and are ready to face the roadblocks.

At FLINTDIA, our entrepreneurship advisory services help entrepreneurs see their own “entrepreneur DNA” enabling them to achieve the benefits of high growth venture. Their ability to acquire and strategically leverage from the deployed resources contributes to the overall rate of venture’s growth success.

At FLINTDIA, we help entrepreneurs write and evaluate business plans with exit strategy in mind.

The Business Plan tells a coherent and cohesive and customer focused story to investors; it clearly defines the market, its prospects, the customers, suppliers and competitors; it contain credible business planning assumptions and forecasts; and it describes how the business will achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

At FLINTDIA, we help entrepreneurs assess the key success factors in business plan such as the executive summary, the market, the products and services, the business operations, the financial projections, the management team, and the exit opportunities.

Our expertise

 Business Planning  Business Financial Accounting
 Business Management Accounting  Business Strategic Plan
 Business Marketing Plan  Business Operating Plan
 Business Risk Management  Business Model Design
 Business Value Management  Business Investment Pitch Presentation


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