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Living the passion


Ansar Blakcori has always challenged conventional wisdom. Throughout his career, Ansar has led by example, establishing client satisfaction throughout innovation, forward thinking, and concept integration.

His passion to drive change paved the way for the concept of an integrated approach to thought leadership. He has put this into action by founding “FLINTDIA LTD”, headquartered in London – United Kingdom.

The company has had an international focus right from the start. In today’s world, we believe that global interconnectedness requires a new paradigm of authenticity in the advice we give to our clients. Hence, FLINTDIA offers an integrated approach to its advisory services.  

FLINTDIA acts as a trusted advisor to its clients and actively pursues ultimate success.

Ansar Blakcori established values that define FLINTDIA’s success and continues to shape up the success measurements through:

  • The novelty of intellectual source
  • The integrated approach towards thought leadership
  • The fundamentals of change

Ansar Blakcori is determined to help companies in the emerging markets thrive under uncertain business environments. Moreover, FLINTDIA is proud to advise companies in the developed markets on how to leverage their competitive differentiators in the global marketplace.

Our Story

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