FLINTDIA provides thought leadership in action.


FLINTDIA provides thought leadership in action. We engage in cross-disciplinary, innovative, and integrated scenarios across management, IT consulting & outsourcing, and executive education.

Combining technology, people, and processes, we produce integrated and sustainable solutions that embody our values of passion, innovation and forward thinking.

FLINTDIA challenges conventional thinking; we generate strategic insights and deliver hugely beneficial outcomes for our clients.

FLINTDIA’s collaborative approach sets forward-thinking agendas, taps into creative and applied solutions, and leads to results that exceed our stakeholders’ expectations.

FLINTDIA unlocks the intellectual potential within organisations; we transform them into learning organisations, better placed to address issues of significant strategic importance and helping them pinpoint sources of growth. We establish a competitive advantage and position our clients in the marketplace.

FLINTDIA’s vision is to bridge the knowledge building blocks and unlock sources of growth for businesses around the world.

FLINTDIA’s mission is to enable businesses around the world create transparent economic value for their communities and make the world more cohesive, open, and prosperous. 

We help our clients grow.


We work with clients across all industries, harnessing creative thinking and linking knowledge building blocks to generate strategic results.

When driving change in corporations, we closely collaborate with executive and senior management teams as well as other client stakeholders.

It is in our DNA to build strong and sustainable relationships with all of our clients. Together, we drive change and reap the benefits of innovation.


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