Career Progression

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Become a global leader.

At FLINTDIA, we are committed to support your career development through training, mentorship, coaching, and social involvement activities. We want you to become global leaders and trusted advisors.

The FLINTDIA’s success is based on your underlying talent drivers, intellectual curiosity, and passion. Also, your career progression at FLINTDIA depends on your personal performance.

At FLINTDIA, we have the following roles, each with complimentary skills that adds significant value to our clients in particular and the company as a whole:


• Business Analyst

FLINTDIA recruits Business Analysts at the undergraduate university level. They work under the guidance of team members and they do play a valuable role on each case team.

They are responsible for sourcing, gathering, analysing, and synthesizing information. Business Analysts build the pillars of business decision making. Moreover, they develop models and engage on new proposals.


• Business Associate

FLINTDIA recruits Business Associates at the MBA level. They are highly valuable on the case team.

Their prime responsibilities include understanding, analysing, and leading case streams. Moreover, their passion to make a difference enables the company to shape up their leadership skills required for management responsibilities.


• Business Consultant

FLINTDIA recruits Business Consultants by hiring exceptional individuals with proven record of commercial, academic, and management success.

Their experience shapes up the quality of the case, mentors team members, and facilitates the case conclusions. We involve Business Consultants at all phases of the consulting process.


• Business Engagement Manager

FLINTDIA recruits Business Engagement Managers either from within or by hiring exceptional individuals with proven record of commercial, academic, and management success.

They oversee the engagements, coordinate the deliverables, share the industry expertise, and guide team members on their career path developments.


• Business Director

FLINTDIA promotes top performers into Business Directorship roles.

They are involved in client development and management. Furthermore, they are responsible for long-term strategies, leadership, and industry engagements.


• Global Business Director

FLINTDIA promotes top performers into Global Business Directorship positions.

They are involved on industry engagements, long-term strategies, leadership, and global issues.



At FLINTDIA, we are committed to our people’s personal and professional development. We foster an environment where individuals shape up their qualities through on-the-job training, professional development, mentoring, teamwork, and coaching.

At FLINTDIA, we equip our people with frameworks, tools, and business insights in order to instantiate their entrepreneurial spirit, invoke aspirations, and make a long lasting impact to our clients and society.  

Career Progression

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