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FLINTDIA on your campus

In search of excellence

FLINTDIA actively recruits and is in constant search of exceptional candidates at number of colleges and universities around the world for full-time and summer positions.

On campus, we show applicants the FLINTDIA’s world, expertise, capabilities, and the approach we use to make the long lasting impact for our clients.

If we are not visiting your campus this year, we encourage you to apply online. Also, we encourage our applicants to learn more about the company before taking the decision to apply.

It is our goal to create opportunities for exceptional candidates by aligning your skills, qualifications, and interests with our company values and FLINTDIA’s business strategy.

If you are interested in a career with us, you could liaise with university’s career centre on consulting opportunities, visit us on campus, or apply online.

We tend to host information sessions and networking events on campus. Please, visit our website for the dates when FLINTDIA is planning to be on your campus. Information and networking sessions are designed to create the opportunity for all of us to know each other and learn more about a career at FLINTDIA.

Thank you for your interest in FLINTDIA.

On Campus

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