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At FLINTDIA, our peoples’ aspiration is to make a long lasting impact – a difference.

Thus, we are in a constant search of exceptional talents.

At FLINTDIA, we highly value our peoples’ outstanding capabilities. That’s why we go the extra mile, when searching for potential employees, in order to find qualities that act as complementary to our company values.

We look for problem solving intellectuals, high achievers, and leaders of their own right. Your passion is our success – hence, the reason we would like to hear from people of all walks of life. Additionally, we seek people who are curious, results-driven, and passionate to drive change.

What do we look for on an ideal candidate?

  • Problem solving skills – with pragmatic intellectual abilities to deal with toughest scenarios
  • Leadership skills – with positive approach to become a leader on its own right
  • Communication skills – with evidence that you can include others that are different from you
  • Commercial skills – with ability to quantify stakeholder interests

At FLINTDIA, we want candidates to demonstrate their academic achievement, commercial experience, communication skills, novel thinking, and intellectual curiosity.

In Search

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