What is Flintdia

FLINTDIA provides thought leadership in action.


FLINTDIA provides thought leadership in action, with unequivocal excellence at your fingertips. We engage on cross-discipline, innovative, and integrated scenarios across management consulting, IT consulting & outsourcing, and executive education domains.

FLINTDA blends technology, people, and processes into integrated and sustainable solutions with our embodiment values in place; challenges conventional thinking, generates strategic insights, and delivers great beneficial outcomes with passion for our clients.

FLINTDIA’s collaborative approach sets forward-thinking agendas, taps into creative and applied solutions, and actions result-oriented reports that exceed our stakeholder expectations.

FLINTDIA unlocks organisation’s intellectual potential, transforms them into learning organisations, addresses issues of significant strategic importance and help them identify sources of growth. We establish the competitive advantage and position our clients in the marketplace.

What makes us different?


We are entrepreneurial consulting company that nurtures its culture at the heart of everything – defined by our values, people, and the quest for excellence.

We enjoy making the difference – so hiring the smartest and driven individuals is not enough. We nurture our most valuable assets – people. Hence the reason, we hire people who are not only able to make a difference to our clients based on its intellectual integrity but they also in search of excellence with passion.

FLINTDIA is a results driven company. We abide by our commitment to provide excellence at our client’s fingertips and deliver and deliver an immediate impact to our clients.

We offer our people the ability to learn, develop, shape up the company, and most importantly support their aspirations. We are committed to exceed our people’s expectations, as it is our people who would help us realise the vision.

What makes our culture unique?


Our values are deeply rooted in the dynamics of the organisational culture. Our diverse workforce has a common goal – the quest for excellence.

We strongly believe that values of knowledge building blocks are built on knowledge sharing, novel source of intellectual curiosity, teamwork, and excellent delivery of the thought process.

It is in our culture to support work-life balance, as our people’s happiness is literarily the ultimate path to FLINTDIA’s success.

What makes us grow?


Our most valuable assets are people.

At FLINTDIA we highly value our most valuable asset – people. They source intellectual complexities, devise solutions for defined problems, and shape up the world, which we all share, through the lasting impact they have on the businesses of our clients; and they help us implement the mission.

We invest in people’s intellectual and emotional development. We believe that by offering them training, mentoring support, and coaching coupled with a wide range of opportunities; we are creating future leaders in their respective fields. In turn, their leadership qualities, will fuel growth and performance supremacy for the company and our clients.

The success is based on openness, team-work engagement, and the quest for excellence. Also, our integrated approach in problem solving, networking, and customer centric culture are some amongst other qualities we nurture at FLINTDIA in order to fuel growth, as well as provide unique thought leadership to our clients when dealing with their toughest challenges.

We help companies in the emerging markets thrive under certain economic conditions.

We help healthy companies in developed markets revitalise their plans for the future scenarios.


What is Flintdia

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