London :: United Kingdom

Europe's financial capital


The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is the official name of this island nation of northwestern Europe. Although the United Kingdom is a relatively small country it has had an enormous influence on world history.

Our headquarters are located at the heart of financial capital of Europe – London.

London’s cultural and heritage gravitas has had a great impact in the world of arts, education, finance, entertainment, fashion, professional services, research and development, and tourism.

London has a diverse range of people and cultures. The buildings reflect architectural style from all ages. Moreover, London is a major centre of higher education teaching and research in Europe.

The United Kingdom is the world’s most important trading nations. In today’s economy we converge island’s cultural, industrial, and educational know-how. Our ultimate objective is to remove information asymmetry and create wealth for society through our knowledge based products and services.

London :: United Kingdom

Global Headquarters

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