Prishtina :: Kosovo

Europe's southeastern human capital


The Republic of Kosovo is the official name of this vibrant nation of southeastern Europe. Although the Republic of Kosovo is classified as a developing country it has had an enormous influence on geo-strategic policies in the region.

Our presence for Europe's southeastern operations is located in the capital of Republic of Kosovo in Prishtina.

Prishtina remains to be an important trading centre on the main trade routes across southeastern Europe.

Prishtina’s buildings reflect city’s rich history, cultural heritage, and ambitious desire to reinvent and adapt itself to future generations.

The Republic of Kosovo is classified as an emerging economy and attempts have been made on self-sufficiency through infrastructure investments and privatisation programmes.

The Republic of Kosovo is a human resources nerve centre of southeastern Europe. Our aim is to tap into this vibrant human capital, unlock their potential, and transform country’s attitude to wealth creation.

Prishtina :: Kosovo

Prishtina Office

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