Energy Utilities & Environment

We facilitate knowledge creation for utility and energy company clients so that they are able to execute and solve energy related problems and source the right opportunities in this capital intensive industry.


We work with utility and energy company clients on operational, strategic, and educational issues facing the industry. We help them engage on environmental, energy resource supplies, cost models, and market related challenges.

Regulatory requirements coupled with market condition fluctuations have forced the energy sector to review their current business models. This, in turn, allows us to create initiatives that help our utility and energy company clients optimise their capital structure, find scalable synergies, rationalise business models, structure capacity supplies, review international expansion strategies, and engage on market orientation segmentations. Moreover, we engage across the entire value chain, including in energy generation, storage, trading, transmission, distribution, and retail.

Energy companies, due to a high demand for their underlying resources, are in a journey of re-discovery, market leadership, and blue-sky research. In a world of conflicting stakeholder requirements, market uncertainties, and the underlying environmental issues we help our utility and energy company clients go through the storm of constant change and insist on value added execution in terms of energy delivery, price stability, and the market leadership positions.

Energy Utilities & Environment

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