Aerospace & Defence

We help aerospace and defence companies achieve a competitive position in the global marketplace. We enable our clients to foster and unlock potential from their existing capabilities and help them create value for their customers in today’s fast paced technological uncertainties.


Government budgets across the developed nations are in decline and military programs are under intense pressure to exercise cost cutting measures. Moreover, the recent financial crises have had a big impact on military budgets and operational efficiencies are growing in importance as cost cutting and risk mitigation activities apply.

We strive, through our knowledge insights, towards eco-friendly products for the industry. We position our value added services across the value chain, in the quality excellence paradigm.

We enable our clients in the aerospace and defence industry deliver growth strategies, innovation, and operational efficiencies. We help them tackle current industry issues such as:

Operational Efficiencies – by understanding operational needs, streamlining processes, and resolving mismanaged bottlenecks through quantifiable integration controls.

Globalisation – by leveraging relationships, deploying partnership engagement programs, and acting on consolidation initiatives.

Green Effect – by understanding macro-economic trends, by acting on government regulations, and by understanding carbon footprint reduction implications so that we develop profitability and growth scenarios for our clients.

Delivery Engagement – by resolving execution difficulties across all value-chain interfaces, by providing accountability on programme and stakeholder management.

We enable aerospace and defence clients redesign their business models, achieve operational excellence, and capture growth in emerging markets.

The aerospace and defence industry, post 9/11, has seen a seismic shift in the way it protects societies, utilises its technology, and ensures public safety – the industry is an economic enabler to all societies.

We help aerospace and defence clients exploit new opportunities, devise strategies, and attain operational excellence. We collaborate and work with clients across the value chain including aerospace and defence companies, passenger and cargo carriers, OEM manufacturers, airports, and other service providers.

We provide integrated services for aerospace and defence company clients, including management consulting, IT consulting, and education.

Aerospace & Defence

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