Current Issues

Our view on strategic issues

In recent years CEOs have gone through a mountain of volatile periods. However, inspite of tough global challenges they do remain focused, resilient, and innovative in their approach to strategy execution and business growth.

At FLINTDIA, we build knowledge building blocks. We generate knowledge and insights in order to help CEOs resolve fundamental issues that impact their businesses.

We aim to help businesses tackle issues in the following agendas:

Emerging Strategy

How do we evolve our strategy in today's interconnected global economy?

Competitive Advantage

How do we ensure our competitive advantage remains a renewable asset?



How do we converge the structural and human capital to fuel innovation?


How can we invoke our people's behavioural traits on sustainability?



How can we inspire the next generation of leaders?


How can we nurture world-class talent?


The Female Economy

How do we ensure adaptive leadership is propagated throughout the organization?

The Digital Economy

How can we ensure our organization responds to the digital economy?


The World Economy

How can we tap into the world’s economic growth?

Current Issues

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