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At FLINTDIA, we tailor business processes to enable clients align business models, tap onto new opportunities and seameesly optimise core business structures. We offer pragmatic solutions that result in benefit orientated organisation.

At FLINTDIA, we embark on transformation with the view to configure underlying organisation’s DNA into an agent of change. The shifted mindset enables the organisation to become a learning organisation with added value substance in place. We leverage best practices, fully engage stakeholders, and deliver benefits to clients.

At FLINTDIA, CRM concepts and solutions enable clients deliver on company’s sales, marketing, and service goals. Our holistic and customer centric approach exceeds stakeholder expectations as we amalgamate people, processes, and technology required to transform customer relationships and maximise customer satisfaction.

As technology advances organisations must have scalable business architectures in place.

At FLINTDIA, we believe IT acts as a business enabler but most importantly the scalable enterprise architecture acts as a real differentiator in the marketplace. Our approach on design, implementation, and integration of enterprise architecture delivers scalability, performance, and competitive advantage to clients.

Our expertise

 Business Process Management  Business Change Management
 Customer Relationship Management  Enterprise Architecture Management

Enterprise Services

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