Information Management

Bridging the value: Data – Information – Knowledge


At FLINTDIA, we reroute insights from data that leads to informed decision and competitive advantage. We ensure Business Analytics drawn from past and real time data respond to business needs and strategic insights. We offer expertise for clients on data analysis, modelling, and reporting.

At FLINTDIA, we know that unstructured formats and poor data quality prevents companies on levereging their strategic asset – information. Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing improves decision-making and actions information. Our BI and DW approach enables companies to address business needs, responsiveness, and business goals.

The huge amount of data from various sources becomes a burden, if not managed effectively. We devise business information strategy in order to unlock the underlying values of organisation’s data and information. Moreover, we constantly bridge the added value integration between data, information, and knowledge. That said, we enable companies to act on their competitive advantage unlocked from the underlying data.

At FLINTDIA, we believe that business performance management enables companies to leverage intelligence with strategic focus and us it to outperform its competitors in today’s knowledge economy. We enable companies to devise the business intelligence strategy coupled with performance scorecards.

At FLINTDIA, we believe that enterprise content management helps companies communicate their vision. We help clients manage unstructured data by creating, delivering, and archiving information. Our services cover document management, records management, web content management, and digital asset management.

Our expertise

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Information Management

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