Security Services

Managing end to end security


At FLINTDIA, we recognise the fact that organisations increasingly face risks from targeted malware and other security threats. We help companies mitigate risks and enable them deploy security assurance frameworks.

Our security services team deploys best practice application security models to enable clients assess and mitigate security threates. We provide ongoing analysis to ensure application packages are free from software bugs.

Our data security services team helps clients draw a data roadmap, establish strategic information architecture, and identify risks to sensitive information. Then, we act on data protection domain and manage end-to-end data security on behalf of clients.

We provide advisory services to clients on identity and access management services. We help clients on identity and access management strategy, design, implementation, and access governance solutions.

Our IT network infrastructure security analysts leverage industry best practices to help clients improve network infrastructure security and mitigate risks. We deliver on technology refresh, transformation, and compliance.

We provide IT security advisory services and leverage on strategic partnerships in order to deliver long lasting benefits for organisations. Moreover, we provide managed security services and near real time response.

At FLINTDIA, we provide seamless integration between physical and IT security services. Our services address homeland security such as immigration, customs, crime, and forensics.

Our expertise

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Security Services

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