We help clients develop conceptual and analytical thought processes to unlock strategies aimed at outperforming the competition. We enable our clients to identify their unique capabilities.


We help our clients leverage underlying sources of competitive advantage, position them in the marketplace, and generate sustainable growth for their businesses.

At FLINTDIA, we concentrate on shareholder wealth maximization, superior profitability through value creation, value capture, and sustainable market share.

We work with clients to create strategies that are resilient to challenges and are able to respond to unpredictable world. We elaborate on scenario planning processes that result on plausible alternative futures. We inform our clients on strategic options, value creations, and risk management plans.

We align our knowledge building blocks and work with clients to help them stay ahead of their competition.

Our expertise

Business Unit Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Strategic Management Strategy in the Face of Uncertainty
Innovation Growth
Socio-Political and Regulatory Strategy Emerging Markets
Sustainability Public Sector Strategy
Non-Profit Strategy Entrepreneurship Strategy
Specialised Strategic Offerings  


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